Allai Newroz Telecom is a private company founded in 2007 which consider a leading provider for a wide variety of telecom services; voice and data In Kurdistan region.

Allai Newroz Telecom has ultimate goal to built state-of- the-art telecom infrastructure in order to ease the life of its customers and delivers a wide-range of carrier services.

Unlike others, Allai Nawroz Telecom plans its strategy based on the customers' needs and ambitions.We consider our real opportunity it supporting our customer's growth and helping them maximizing their profit...

Turning into its 7th year; Allai Newroz Telecom succeeded in proving itself in creating a solid competitive brand in the telecom industry in Kurdistan area, and today Allai Newroz Telecom owns business and technical staff of around 1000+ employees, which makes it the largest company of its kind in Kurdistan.

Chairman Statement,
Kawa Abdullah junaid

Since 2007, we at Newroz Telecom try hard to bring dreams to reality by establishing the company and leading society into a different era of experience. We started from the capital of Kurdistan and then expanded to all over Kurdistan with a variety of technologies and services. To date we have managed to bring the foremost-developed technology known by 4G LTE. Therefore, it is a pleasure to express my happiness for the great achievements brought to Kurdistan and made possible for the residence of the Kurdistan Region.
Our aim has always been to ensure the citizens in our Region have access to the most developed voice and data technologies available. As we have achieved a big portion of this goal, we are currently striving to provide blanket coverage in reaching every single house in all areas of the Kurdistan Region. I believe that by leveraging the best technology available in the market right now will dramatically contribute to the economic growth of the region. It is developing at a rapid rate, and by offering the latest services, it will only make things that much easier and that much greater.

On behalf of everyone at Newroz Telecom, from the technical team, to the commercial team, and everyone in between, we sincerely thank all of our subscribers and those who stand by us in believing in the power of providing the most advanced technology available today, for both Data and Voice.

CEO Statement,
Ardalan Othman

It is the era of internet and telecommunications and Allai newroz telecom is one of the first to ensure that it has stayed on top it. Our company provides various telecom services, both voice and data, and strives to always offer the latest technology Allai newroz telecom is proud to be leading this industry in the Kurdistan region, and one of the largest in the middle east, due to our continuous ambition and vision
With a growing company and growing staff, already almost 1,200 employees including mostly locals, Allai newroz telecom has succeeded in proving itself as a solid and competitive brand in the Kurdistan region. Our vision is to provide services with our state of the art network to our customers, including the latest VAS (Value Added Services), in addition to voice services Allai newroz telecom group offers broadband data to individuals, corporate and residential customers. Most data solutions are already offered by us, including our latest 4G LTE rollout, providing the fastest internet available. Allai newroz telecom has a strong strategy and has already been recognized with one of the most prestigious telecommunication awards, as the “Best Project in the Middle East “by the global carrier awards.

We have a solid mission to be the most efficient and innovative provider in Kurdistan, and strengthen the growth of our leading positions among the integrated service providers in the area. A special thanks to all our employees that continue to work so diligently to ensure that our services are satisfying our customers, and many thanks to our customers for believing in us and an allowing us to serve you. We promise to continue to improve and offer you the best telecommunication services in the world.

Our Employees

Since the establishment of Allai Newroz Telecom in 2007; the company has been playing marvelous national and moral roles towards Iraq, and the Iraqi citizens; as the company has brought a group of Iraqi minds and expertise in engineering and technology, and professionals in other fields of management, commercial science, and finance. Nevertheless, Allai Newroz Telecom offered trainings and contained many of the new graduates of our universities. Therefore, and through a staff of +1000 employees; Allai Newroz Telecom became one of the main pillars and fundamental in the local market, and one of the key players in determining the course of the telecom sector in the area.